Charta Platform

Charta Software combines its ideas in the Charta Platform. Based on this platform we deliver professional tailor-made solutions. The platform is formed by a suite of powerful components. These components we can put together in various ways to create powerful applications for specific purposes. By continually extending the platform we ensure optimal synergy among our projects. The Charta Platform is offered to our customers under an open source license, which gives customers the right to view and edit the source code for their own use.

Code library

The platform is used as code library, which is improved and extended constantly in our projects. Because the platform focuses on general components that are needed in any computer program, using it gives us a head start in any software project. Some important components:

  • data storage (database interfaces)
  • self-reflective user interface components
  • multiple interfaces (web, xml, text, pdf, e-mail)
  • math routines (simulation and optimization)

Advantages of the Charta Platform

Standard functionality

By using standard components, it is immediately possible to profit from developed functionality in the past. Because the components are used often in different projects for different customers, they are tested thoroughly and have a high maintenance level. This minimizes the chance of errors. Finally, because components are constantly updated, previously developed software can also benefit from newly developed functionality.

Long term solution

While developing new applications standard components will be used as much as possible. If some components do not yet exist, then they will be developed with the idea of re-usage and integration in the Charta Platform. The result is an application that after first deployment easily can be changed or expanded with new features.

All-in-one solution

By using a modular approach in developing Charta Platform based applications, we establish an integration of techniques and functionality in one solution that are normally separated. The integration of different systems is done in an iterative manner to have a small workable solution at first, but keep the all-in-one solution as main long term objective.

Various available interfaces

Some of the components in the platform are interface components to exchange data or communicate with other systems. This facilitates reporting to available standard's like web sites, XML or pdf documents and makes modules and data available to external systems.


A major part of the standard components is built to visualize data and results. These components help understand data, results or intermediate results in mathematical calculations.


The Charta Platform code library is a (Object) Pascal / Delphi XE code library fully designed and developed by Charta Software. A great portion of this codebase is available open source on