Customized applications

Charta Software's main activity is the development of customized applications for our clients. These applications typically solve difficult mathematical problems and make strong use of visualizations to structure and understand the results.

BIVAS is an abbreviation for "Binnenvaart analyse systeem" (translated from Dutch: inland shipping analysis system) and is developed to do network analysis for the Dutch inland shipping network. It is designed to support research to answer policy questions about:

  1. shipping network analysis: what is the usage of each water way?
  2. the effect of planned maintenance or blocked water ways
  3. the calculation of future development scenarios

More information can be found on the BIVAS website:

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Intermodal Links

Intermodal Links is the first independent, online search engine that enables one to find the best and fastest intermodal service provider for container transport between about 600 terminals around Europe.

The Planner searches more than 7,600 direct connections to combine services of about 70 transport operators between 600 container terminals in 40 countries in and around Europe.

More information can be found on

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In collaboration with RWS VWL ("Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving" / "Water, Traffic and Environment") of the Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Public Works ("Rijkswaterstaat"), Charta Software developed a probabilistic tidal window determination application (PROTIDE). The aplication advises harbor authorities when it is safe for channel and tidal-bound ships to enter the harbor. It combines geographical, meteorological and astronomical conditions to calculate a time window when the chance of touching the bottom is small enough..

The application is fully operational for the harbors of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Eemshaven via

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Charta Software developed OFIS in collaboration with Orchestra. It combines the power of the Charta Platform with the knowledge of Orchestra on financial management. OFIS is short for "Online Financial Information System". OFIS is developed for the management of financial assets. OFIS is an online office that keeps the data secure and available online.

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