Off-The-Shelf Tailored Software


  • Tailored expert solutions

    We design, develop, host and support software applications that solve difficult mathematical problems and make strong use of standardization and visualizations to validate, structure and understand the results.

  • Standard components as a service

    We develop and maintain applications as extension of standard components in the open source Charta Platform. These are seamlessly combined and extended with custom functionality.

  • Maritime and logistics optimization

    We combine computer science and mathematics to automate and optimize the maritime and logistics domain. Applications facilitate deep draft shipping, intermodal planning, inland shipping, and more.


  • Determine passages out of (big) AIS data

    18 billion of AIS-messages are processed and analyzed to give insight in actual passages and travel times per lock in the Dutch inland waterway. Individual routes can be visualized via GeoJson format.

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  • Flexible import of hydrometeo data

    Hydrometeo data is offered by many sources and in many formats. It is a challenge to provide both a user-friendly and flexible approach to handle the various data types.

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  • Effect Seine-Scheldt on inland shipping

    The new Seine-Scheldt connection will allow larger inland vessels between France and the Benelux, and gives rise to the question what will be the effect on the costs per ton transported load.

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