Off-the-shelf tailored software that provides total solutions. Now and tomorrow.


  • Tailored expert solutions

    We design, develop, host and support software applications that solve difficult mathematical problems and make strong use of standardization and visualizations to validate, structure and understand the results.

  • Standard components as a service

    We develop, extend and maintain standard components as a service. The standard components are seamlessly combined and extended with custom expert functionality, to create that unique expert solution that fits now and tomorrow.

  • Maritime and logistics optimization

    We combine innovations in computer science and mathematical techniques to automate and optimize the maritime and logistics domain. Our applications facilitate deep draft shipping, intermodal planning, inland shipping, depot optimization, and more.


  • PROTIDE 7 product release

    PROTIDE 7 is the latest version of our webbased 24/7 tidal window calculation service for deep-draft ships calling port. Development of PROTIDE 7 was completed in November 2019, and the version will be brought live in January 2020.

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  • Maritime & (inland) port monitor

    We are rounding up our developments for an online tool reporting on maritime, sea port and inland port economic indicators. In collaboration with EUR UPT and Ecorys.

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  • Freight transport partnership

    In the start of 2019 we have joined the Dutch innovation partnership for freight transport with 9 other companies, each with their own expertise in this field.

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