Off-The-Shelf Tailored Software


  • Tailored expert solutions

    We design, develop, host and support software applications that solve difficult mathematical problems and make strong use of standardization and visualizations to validate, structure and understand the results.

  • Standard components as a service

    We develop and maintain applications as extension of standard components in the open source Charta Platform. These are seamlessly combined and extended with custom functionality.

  • Maritime and logistics optimization

    We combine computer science and mathematics to automate and optimize the maritime and logistics domain. Applications facilitate deep draft shipping, intermodal planning, inland shipping, and more.


  • New job openings

    We are looking for new Chartists! Today we launched two job openings to be filled early 2022: a junior developer & modeler and a technical project manager. Please visit our JOBS page.

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  • Flexible squat calculation

    New squat models and function parameters can be set individually for each part of each transit individually. Pre-defined or custom calibrated squat formulas can dynamically be set and validated.

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  • Insight in transport flows

    A light weight JavaScript web viewer gives insight in modeled transport. It can be used to aggregate, filter, group and compare production, attraction and transport flows geographically.

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